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Diesel Particulate Filters are installed on the exhaust end of diesel motors to help to trap soot and ash that would ordinarily be pushed out through the tailpipe and into the atmosphere.

Recently passed regulations in California are now mandating the installment and maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters in ALL diesel motors operating within the state.

Here is a guide to “Care and maintenance of DPFs” provided by the California Air Resources Board that has good information for you.

A summary of truck and bus requirements can be found here, or click below:

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California is taking the step to reduce harmful emissions from the air by mandating the use of DPFs. The average cost of a DPF for a Med/HD Truck (Peterbilt/Kenworth etc.) is close to $10,000. That might not even include installation!

Proper care and maintenance is crucial to your DPF investment, and Advanced Radiator DPF Regen Services will help keep your DPF clean, your motor running strong, and your CA regulations current.

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